People You Meet As A Young Tarot Reader

There are people every Tarot reader encounters, but here are some especially familiar to lady readers under 30.

  • The older couple with full, flattering confidence that a 21-year-old can meaningfully discuss retirement, downsizing, aging, and being grandparents
  • That elder who has seen a lot and exudes pure wisdom and grace; it’s an honor to be in their presence
  • That haughty priestess with the dominatrix vibe who treats you like a novice and seems to think you give a hoot about her measure of your skill, and it’s not nearly as much of an honor to be in her presence as she seems to think it is
  • That scrub who meanders up and asks for your number (No.)
  • That real smoothie who pays you for a reading, listens intently, asks thoughtful questions, and then deadpans a witty pick-up line based on the reading (… Maybe.)
  • The triumphant skeptic who thinks he’s super cool for debunking Tarot, except you’re not sure what claims he’s trying to debunk because you didn’t actually make any, and you’re not sure why he’s triumphant when he is now $25 poorer, but you’re not here to ask questions
  • “How long have you been doing this? Do you think you’re any good?”
  • The more experienced reader who just wants to compare notes while supporting and encouraging you
  • The lonely guy who’s interested in the occult and “is just drawn” to discuss it with you, the young one, while your older and more experienced colleagues are spared his attention for some mysterious reason
  • The music festival philosopher who has no cash, but offers to barter his dreadlock bead and a weird coin he found on the subway, and you can’t wait until you age enough to not look like one of his peers, but until then maybe you can at least score some weed?
  • The assertive lady who sits her ass down and asks 500 questions as a line forms behind her, because you haven’t developed the confidence to tell her time’s up, UNTIL YOU DO #TimesUpBetch

Time’s up. I appreciate every last one of you. ♥


8 thoughts on “People You Meet As A Young Tarot Reader

  1. My favorite story was back when I was considering becoming a reader for one of the metaphysical shops in a large city. I did a bunch of “interviews” that were actually readings for each of the resident readers.

    Truly, I was in awe of how deeply unhappy they all were; they evidently were not on the same path as I. The last one was so bad, I made a detour from my own path and snapped. I’d pretty much decided to work only independently by then but I honored my commitment to doing an interview reading for her. She was judgmental, haughty, sanctimonious, and condescending to the point of practically spitting on me. So, I did something I never did before in a reading and haven’t done since.

    I described the affair she was having in vivid detail.

    All her meanness evaporated and she got very fidgety and discombobulated. I walked out of that store ten feet tall. In reflection, I realize she was probably threatened by me so there was really no need to go on the attack but I was too young to know that yet. I’ve learned to stay in higher vibrations since then so I’m surrounded by better people but I’m not ashamed to admit it–that day was AWESOME!

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    1. Yaaaaaaaaas.

      I only dealt with one obnoxious shopkeeper. Not that much older than me, the man had gone on a 16-day ayahuasca retreat and never really come back, if you know what I mean. He was obsessed with Osho — like, the only books in his store were Osho books. He kept weird, inconsistent business hours. The Devil was central to his reading. He said he got it all the time, and was a little concerned about it, so I spent a lot of time talking about how it’s important to be grounded and self-aware. He said I was all right, for a beginner.

      His reading for me consisted of looking my birthday up in a book and reading what it said. He was all right, for a guy who just looked my birthday up in a book and read what it said.

      Shortly after, he went out of business because he was a crappy businessman, so, that happens, and I can’t say I felt sorry for him.

      Lucky for me, I know people in the Ren Faire circuit, and that’s been my seasonal gig ever since. 🙂


      1. Ha, ha, I bet I know the birthday book, too! I look at those things like a menu in a restaurant now: You can pick and choose what you want people to be like from a list of their possibilities, all you have to do is keep your vibration on those levels.

        Have you explored different card designs and systems? I’m a straight-up psychic now but every once in a while I enjoy looking through card packs I haven’t seen before, like crystal cards, sacred geometry cards, animal totem cards, Hawaiian Mana cards, etc.


      2. I am utterly charmed by faerie oracle cards (there are a couple decks). I also enjoy Sonia Choquette’s The Answer Is Simple, for those times when it’s fatal to take oneself too seriously. Tarot is still my fave, but for Faire I learned palm, and for fun I got a set of runes.


      3. Have you made up your own set of cards and assigned special meanings? Fun!

        I also do palms and runes. I mostly look for runesign in nature when I’m hiking. I have a lot of rare, cool lines on my own palm: The Ladder of Success, a prominent star on the Mount of Saturn, and a mysterious deep line ending in a triangle and branches that I have assigned special meaning to. I only focus on the positive, it saves time!


      4. Not yet, though I do have a project in mind. I’ve got a few prominent stars on the ol’ palm, myself. Damn right it’s a time saver to focus on the positive. Don’t want worry to produce self-fulfilling prophecy.


      5. So true! Hey, for fun, would you like to do a quickie exchange reading on a single topic, each? If not, no worries. I feel like I have a ton of energy right now and I want to let it out to play. Ha, ha!


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