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Sen Jeff Flake

This is a quick note for Arizonans to watch this guy and find someone to take his seat ASAP. I disagree with him, and I frown upon his unresponsiveness to constituents, but I have a few observations about his self-congratulatory newsletters:

His language is polished and statesmanlike. He cites stakeholders, and takes a soothing “I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing” tone.

He often cites fiscal conservatism and states rights as the foundation of his platform. This obviously plays really well with Arizona’s voting demographic, and it’s certainly nicer than someone whose voice comes off more Arpaioesque.

Rhetorically, he anticipates possible objections and shuts them down such that unless you are well armed with fact-fortified talking points, you’re disarmed, left with the gut reaction of disagreeing but not entirely sure how to effectively voice it. On the bright side, this presents an opportunity to educate yourself. On the dismal side, it makes it look like the Senator has done his due diligence for constituents in a way that prevents those on the fence from raising objections.

For an example of Sen. Flake’s writing, read this defense of pulling back Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves. There’s no spit flying from his mouth and no hellfire. His posturing is on point, which makes the gut reaction of “AW HELL NO” seem unreasonable and ill-informed. We have to vote him out, and we have to strategically respond in the mean time. Unfortunately, I also have to go to bed, so this is more of a brainstorm than anything. Good night, republic.


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