2018 Summer Reading List from a Librarianette

Looking for books to read in 2018? I work at a library, which gives me insight on the best summer reading books for teens and adults!

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Moderate in 2017, part 2

I’ve been thinking about the term “moderate” because lately, I’ve been failing to self-moderate. (For those following along with my post categories, I placed this in “tarot” because it is a meditation on Temperance as much as a recounting of political exploits over the past few days.) I deactivated my Facebook account for this reason,…… Continue reading Moderate in 2017, part 2


Confessions of a Grade School Goth

Guys, I want to explain something, albeit 17 years late: When I started wearing black as the dominant staple in my wardrobe, back in 7th grade, my classmates speculated tirelessly about the reasons. It was a boring town. Yet even then in the early naughts, I suspect they could have found something better to do…… Continue reading Confessions of a Grade School Goth

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Moderate in 2017

I am a moderate. I think I was raised moderate, which is less interesting than being raised liberal or conservative. My mother is an independent. My father is a conservative, but dude┬ásurprises┬áme sometimes. He’s not exactly open, but he’s not exactly closed. When he’s open, sometimes I’m surprised that he disagrees with me (for instance:…… Continue reading Moderate in 2017