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Moderate in 2017, part 2

I’ve been thinking about the term “moderate” because lately, I’ve been failing to self-moderate. (For those following along with my post categories, I placed this in “tarot” because it is a meditation on Temperance as much as a recounting of political exploits over the past few days.) I deactivated my Facebook account for this reason,…… Continue reading Moderate in 2017, part 2

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Moderate in 2017

I am a moderate. I think I was raised moderate, which is less interesting than being raised liberal or conservative. My mother is an independent. My father is a conservative, but dude┬ásurprises┬áme sometimes. He’s not exactly open, but he’s not exactly closed. When he’s open, sometimes I’m surprised that he disagrees with me (for instance:…… Continue reading Moderate in 2017

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Read, Organize, Mobilize: 12 Books On Issues Americans Care About

The United States has a new president-elect, and half the country is reeling. But we have a few months before he takes office, and now that the mudslinging and scandal-mining is slowing down (at least until the midterm elections), perhaps we can focus on issues instead of candidates. Whatever your party affiliation or lack thereof,…… Continue reading Read, Organize, Mobilize: 12 Books On Issues Americans Care About