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Moderate in 2017, part 2

I’ve been thinking about the term “moderate” because lately, I’ve been failing to self-moderate. (For those following along with my post categories, I placed this in “tarot” because it is a meditation on Temperance as much as a recounting of political exploits over the past few days.) I deactivated my Facebook account for this reason,…… Continue reading Moderate in 2017, part 2


People You Meet As A Young Tarot Reader

There are people every Tarot reader encounters, but here are some especially familiar to lady readers under 30. The older couple with full, flattering confidence that a 21-year-old can meaningfully discuss retirement, downsizing, aging, and being grandparents That elder who has seen a lot and exudes pure wisdom and grace; it’s an honor to be in their presence…… Continue reading People You Meet As A Young Tarot Reader