Site Launch

Writers are lucky, because we don’t have to do any heavy lifting when we set up digital shop. Moving to this site requires just a few things:

  • Move my #AmReading blogs to the Bookish tab. This is for my own safekeeping, for my portfolio, and for my viewers who don’t like clickbait. There you will find book reviews, lists, and other topics of interest to readers and writers.
  • Begin Tarot-blogging again. There is so much out there Tarot-wise. I am certain I have no new information to contribute, but I can turn a phrase.
  • Link up my publications (and try to grow the list).

That will do for a beginning. I have a notion to perfect some recipes, try out food writing, write about gardening in Phoenix, write about sustainability, write about politics, practice my comedy, interview people, start a magazine, start a literary journal, complete my entire literary career in a fortnight so that I can retire at 28 and get back to doing whatever (which will certainly include writing, but without the pesky money stress), etc.

That escalated quickly. Fine. Maybe I have lots of notions.

magic the gathering horde of notions legendary edh
My notions: not sure if legendary, but they are vigilant with trample and haste. Source: Gatherer

Getting a degree was a breezy sort of challenge for me. It was work involving just enough effort to get the heart pumping, plus good company and lovely scenery. Starting a career, OTOH, is tricky and lonely and cruel, made bearable only with vices and mantras and knowing everyone else is miserable, or was once. Rejections don’t bother me so much as debt and exhaustion. Maybe there is heavy lifting after all, and here I am: up to it. Take that, heaviness!

Welcome, and thanks for coming.