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I’ve switched from a marketing job to working at a library. This is a triumph, and it probably means more book lists will be posted!

I’m also working on a literary magazine called Wards; check it out at wardslitmag.com.  Each issue is based on a theme. and it’s open to submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

My Tarot reading and teaching business also has a website, and will soon have tons of great educational content. Super excited about making that happen! Work, work, work, work… Anyhow, to get a Tarot reading and/or sign up for the newsletter for updates on how to learn Tarot, check out Becca Rose Tarot.


Added a section for Civic Duty. The purpose of this section is to hold myself accountable, focus on what I can do as an individual in order to combat anxiety about what I cannot do, and encourage others to take action when they are so inspired. In no way is it intended to self-congratulate or posture myself as a Good Citizen/Ally/Liberal/etc, shame others for “not doing as much”, or compete with other active participants in our democracy who are doing as much or more. This is a nation, not a contest. Whatever you do, do it thoughtfully, wholeheartedly, and bravely; and know you aren’t alone.


  • bookish features book reviews, lists, and other lit-related posts, most of which can also be read on #AmReading
  • So much has been written already about Tarot, but here I am, writing more
  • Here is that one post Neil Gaiman tweeted about
  • Do you have a fledgling literary journal that needs submissions? Well, I have a publications tab that needs more posts. Hit me with it.
  • Right now, miscellany just contains advice for English majors, but who knows what wacky notions I’ll publish next?